Old FEMA trailer Mr. Meyer lived in from 2005 to Dec. 2008

Replaced now with his beautiful home:

Mr. Meyer moved in his house a few weeks before Christmas 2008. It is really a beautiful home. Well built and built higher this time - off the ground. Although it still is NOT high enough if a levee breaks. None of the houses in New Orleans are really high enough if a levee breaks. Gene, his children and I went to house to decorate it for Christmas for him. Mr. Meyer is very frugal and he would never have "re-purchased" Christmas decorations at his age of 89. So I went out and brought some lights, Poinsetta's and small artificial Christmas tree. It really looked nice. He was the only one on his block on 22nd Street in Lakeview this year that had Christmas tree lights on his house. Of course Mr. Meyer fussed up a storm but we continued to decorate. All of his grandchildren were there and we had a lovely time. I love Mr. Meyer so much. He is still in GREAT health. I hope I live as long as he does but ONLY if I can be as strong as him mentally and physically.

Above are some of the pictures of the house when it snowed on Dec 11, 2008