Papaw 89th + Jacob's 4th - shared birthday Nov 2, 2008

We all had a wonderful time at Papaw + Jacob's birthday party at my house.
Mr. Meyer is now 89 years young. Unbelievable! This man doesn't look a day over 75; nor acts like it.

Post-Katrina New Orleans and the birthday:
It was a nice warm day in November in New Orleans for his birthday. The city is slowing returning to pre-Katrina days. It is starting to feel like it used to be; but looks differently - especially Lakeview. So it was nice to have his birthday this year with no threats of Katrina hanging over us and him. His house is almost 100% complete and he should be moving in soon and his FEMA trailer moved. The whole family is really excited.

FYI: The Burkes - the red head is Jackie Burke - Mr. Meyer's sister. Judy and Bubba Burke is Aunt Jackie's two step children - but step has never applied here. They all live together and love another geniunely.